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Join us for another year of fun with Kansas City Chiefs football, Sporting Kansas City soccer and Kansas City Royals baseball for inclusive recreation events.

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Eventbrite - RCGKC 2017 KC Chiefs Play60 Football Ability Camp

Supported by Volunteers - 100%

Our events are offered to people with disabilities, friends and families at no cost. All levels of ability, ages and geographic areas are welcome. (People travel from other states to join our events!) In addition to donations, there are many ways to offer additional support. Please visit our "Get Involved" page.

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KC Accessible Base Ball Field Project 2017 (Click Here To Find Out More)  

What Our Partners Say

In order to offer a full range of empowering, life-affirming experiences and opportunities to those we serve, TWP relies on RCGKC to facilitate and provide the recreation and leisure opportunities that are such critical components of healthy and independent living for everyone, especially for people with disabilities.

Julie DeJean, CEO The Whole Person

It's fun to come out in the community. These are all the same people that come out to our games to show some support, so for us to be able to come out to help give back in any way is always a pleasure and a lot of fun. (RCGKC KC Chiefs Play 60 Ability Camp 2015)

Alex Smith, Quarterback Kansas City Chiefs

This is the only local organization that offers one day events/camps for people with disabilities that include involvement from all of the major sporting teams. It positively impacts these individuals [with disabilities] by giving them the ability to be fully engaged and at the same time creating an unforgettable experience.

Heidi Eckart, President All About Autism

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